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House Votes to Add Exemptions to New Abortion Ban, Repeal Ultrasound Mandate

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The House Thursday passed bills that would add exemptions to the state’s new 24-week abortion ban passed last year and extended the COVID-19 vaccination exemption to state and county health care facilities despite warnings of the loss of hundreds of millions of dollars of federal money and facility certification.



Emotional Testimony On Bill To Repeal State’s New Abortion Law

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CONCORD – An effort to repeal the state’s new 24-week fetal protection law came to an emotional head at a legislative hearing, Thursday with personal testimony given by women on both sides of the issue of abortion and from the medical community that it will likely lead to a loss of those providing care in the Granite State if allowed to stand.



Senate Republicans Repeal Ultrasound Mandate But Refuse Other Changes To New Abortion Ban

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CONCORD – On Thursday, Senate Republicans voted to repeal the state’s new law mandating ultrasounds for abortion but preserved the remaining provisions of a new state law that bans abortion after 24 weeks gestation without exceptions for rape, incest, or fatal fetal diagnoses.

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